All I See

4 – 12 June | Circa Theatre, Wellington

Image by Andrew Duggan

The explosion of grief causes memories to ricochet around her.

Memories begin to bleed into her reality.

Time collapses.

When one gets rowdy with a cup of tea at 6pm, and the other is confident she has almost watched the whole of Netflix, describing their ideal best friend would not eventuate to each other. Yet, this friendship is the one solid thing they both can count on.

Despite an age difference stretching over forty years, the two find companionship in the most unlikely of places – the graves of their meant-to-be life partners.

Naia is muddling through life, trapped in a perpetual autumn. Leaves fall, memories ricochet and her thoughts always find themselves landing on what-ifs. John has closed shop; he lives only for the day he can be reunited with his Suzie.

The two bond over planning their ideal, most out the gate, funeral. Dark, slightly twisted, but a reality they both know all too well. Whilst they both ruminate mortality, they teach each other how to live.

‘…Parker finds her way into our hearts with both her words and her performance’

Creative Credits

Cian Parker, Words, Performer, Co-Devisor

Laura Haughey, Director, Dramaturg, Movement Director, Co-Devisor

Mihailo Lađevac, Performer, Co-Devisor, Script Development

Bob Savea, Performer

Eddie Elliot, Choreography

Andy Duggan, Composer


4 – 12 June
Preview Night 3 June
Tues – Sat 7.30pm
Sun 4.30pm


Circa Two
Circa Theatre
1 Taranaki St

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